Once fully configured, the Office 365 phone system add-on will appear within Teams for each user under the section labeled Calls.


Placing a call

Use speed dial to call someone in your organization or use the dial pad feature to type in the phone number you wish to call and press the Call button.

Note: once the Elevate integration to Microsoft Teams has been enabled, it may take up to several hours for a Keypad to appear. If you do not see a Keypad, log out from your Teams account and log in.


Teams will place the call to your destination and utilize the microphone and speakers your user has set up for this purpose. 


Receiving a call

Because you created a new device for each user within your Elevate service, when the user receives an inbound call to their phone number, the call will also ring within Teams.  Your user may answer the call within Teams by simply pressing the phone handset icon.


Retrieving voicemail

Voicemail will not be available through the Teams interface. New voicemails will arrive via email.