Is Your Home Router Safe? Last week Cisco’s Talos security division released an extensive blog post informing the public of a widespread infection in low end routers, usually used for home and small offices. It is called VPNFilter. Business routers with active subscriptions (such as a Sonicwall router) are not…

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Downtime Calculator

Use this worksheet to determine how much your company loses during system failures. If you don’t know the exact figures, just guess.   Employee Productivity Annual Revenue of your Company $ Number of Employees Average Employee Weekly Hours Average Revenue per Employee: $ Avg. Revenue per Employee/Hour: $ System Restoration…

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Don’t be Fooled!

A new threat has appeared this week on many computers! When online always be wary of ads! Recently phishing scams have become harder to spot like this Google Advertisement shown below. When clicked this ad takes you to a website that has a pop up on it requesting information or…

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